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Interior Design

Our full-time Interior Decorator, Krista Armellini, has two main responsibilities at Reid Homes.  Walk through our fully-furnished models and you’ll see how she has transformed them into comfortable ‘theme’ homes, with each room adding to the ambiance of the whole.  The best part of her job, however, is the personal service she provides to each new homeowner.

Your Reid Homes purchase includes a 2-hour professional interior design consultation.  Let Krista put her talents to work for you.  She can help you choose your cupboards, counter tops and flooring.  Guided by your personal tastes, Krista will share her expertise on colour and proportion, and help you create a tasteful and comfortable home.

While the model homes offer rooms full of intriguing decorating ideas, it’s the two hours of one-on-one consultation with our professional designer that ensure you get Your Home Your Way at Reid Homes.

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